From the Head of the Program


Welcome to Aerospace Engineering Program at University of Turkish Aeronautical Association. The program offers master’s degree – with thesis - in the discipline of aerospace engineering. This master’s program is initiated by the university after an almost a decade of excellent experience in contributing to the well-equipped and educated human resources and technological developments in the field of aerospace through its undergraduate programs in Aeronautical Engineering and Astronautical Engineering departments.

In recent years, aerospace technologies have extensively attracted researchers’ attention and large amount of financial resources are allocated for research and development on this subject. Along with rapid advances in aerospace technologies, the demand for professionals and graduates to solve the problems in this field and meet the challenges in the aerospace sector has significantly increased. Due to the interdisciplinary nature of aerospace engineering, requiring knowledge in different areas such as aerodynamics, materials sciences, engine design, dynamics and control, and space sciences, the number of qualified academic staff to train required human resources in aerospace engineering is low.

Owing to the quality and broad experience of our academic staff in different branches of aerospace studies and excellent laboratory facilities and research spaces, the master’s program in Aerospace Engineering Program of University of Turkish Aeronautical Association aims at educating graduates who are well-equipped with appropriate knowledge and skills to fulfil the needs of aerospace industry. Our goal is to give the graduate students a high-quality education that includes hands-on experience. The curriculum is intelligibly built and designed based on the student’s field of interest and academic supervisor’s advice. Our program will continue to grow in number of students and faculty members, and research space as demand for our programs continues and new research areas arise on the horizon.

Our students will graduate equipped with an excellent education that provides them an opportunity to develop, analyse, and design aeronautical, astronautical and meteorological systems from aircrafts and unmanned flying vehicles to spacecrafts and satellites, and also to missiles and rockets. Our faculty members are committed to work in their research specialty with capable students on research projects.

For more detailed information about the program, laboratories, research activities, and staff, please surf the website. Please also feel free to contact or visit us.

Asst. Prof. Reza AGHAZADEH